How to Change Cpanel Password at HostGator Hosting?

Like most web hosting companies in the market, HostGator makes use of cPanel for managing accounts. When a company signs up with HostGator, along with an account, they receive a username and a password for logging into the cPanel. Using this, one can easily manage their accounts

Changing the password for the HostGator cPanel is very simple and straight forward. Changing passwords is quite necessary to avoid any kind of unauthorised access. It is advised to change the password at least once every month to keep the security level tight.

Steps Needed in Changing the Password of the cPanel Account

  • In order to change the passwrd, make sure that you are logged in the cPanel. SUe the current crednetials for logging in.Change password for cPanel step 1
  • There, you’ll see a “Change Password” option. Click it.
  • A window will appear having a text box marked “Old Password”. One needs to write the old password there.Change password for cPanel step 2
  • Another text box will be there, marked “New Password”. One needs to write the new password there.
  • Below that is another text box, marked “New Password (again)”. One needs to type in the new password here again in order to verify.
  • It is quite important to provide with a strong enough password. There is a bar under the “New Password (again)” text box showing the strength of the given password. If one wants, one can easily avail the option of “Password Generator”. This provides the user with a strong enough password.Change password for cPanel step 3
  • Below the text boxes, there is a check box marked “Allow MySQL password change”. This box needs to be checked.
  • The last step is to click on the button “Change your password now!” and the new password will be set.

Before proceeding, one needs to log on again with the new password.

How to Construct a Strong Password

As mentioned earlier, one needs to keep their password strong to ensure security. Here are some instructions on how to choose a perfect password.

A good password always has a few special properties. They should be easier to remember and also quite tough to guess. To ensure that, a password should be:

  • Lengthy: The longer the password, the harder it is to guess. Making long passwords that can be remembered easily is easy if a person knows certain tricks.
  • Complex: There should be a lot of variations in the characters of a password. A perfect password should contain a mixture of upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols in them.
  • Memorable: One of the main criteria is to have a password that is easily remembered. It is of no use if the password is so lengthy and complex that the actual owner forgets it. There is a little trick that one could follow to construct a long, complex but memorable password.

For example: Let us consider a phrase that can be personal to any particular person.

“My favorite book is ‘The Wizard of OZ’ by L. Frank Baum”. One can easily use this as a password but in a special way, like, if one takes the first character of every word, along with the symbols, one gets “Mfbi’TWoO’bL.FB”, then that is a strong password.

So, we are sure that now you know well about changing the passwords at cPanel for your hosting. Do that in order to ensure security.

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