Domain Name Selection

How to Pick the Right Domain Name for Your Website

Have you been wondering about picking up the right domain name for your websites? Just in case you were, you have landed at the right place. Team WHC has written down the things that you must consider while picking up a domain! Read on to know all about it.

Choosing a domain name can get pretty crucial at times. This is almost like choosing the name of a company. As the identity of the company or the individual basically depends on the domain, it gets pretty important and hence should be done carefully and thoughtfully.

The domain name represents your company or project. It is your identity online. So, it should be the one that fits with the purpose of the company. Moreover, the domain name should be simple and creative enough for the viewers to understand comprehend and appreciate. Some of thoughts to be kept in mind to create a perfect domain name are:

Should be Easy: The domain name should not be very complex to write or understand. The domain name should be simple, so that the customer can find the site easily. If a person uses some abbreviated or special spellings as their domain name, it will be hard for the customers to find the sights. For example, using ‘4’ instead of ‘for’, or ‘xtend’ instead of ‘extend’, creates a problem.

  1. Using Keywords: This is a very important property a domain name should have. Keywords are basically certain words that occur frequently in searches. A domain name should have a keyword of that sort that explains the kind of work the company does. For example, for a TV repairing company, the domain name should be like””. This helps to increase the traffic of the site as it will usually come up if anyone searches for TV repairing.
    How to Pick domain Name
  2. Short: A domain name should be short and crisp, something that will be easily remembered by the clients. Longer the name, harder it is to be remembered.
  3. Use the targeted area: This is for small companies having offices at certain places. Including the name of the place where the office is, helps the local people to find and avail them easily. For example, if the TV repair company given as an example earlier is at Ohio, the domain name should be””.
  4. Don’t use alphanumeric names: Using names with numbers or symbols is quite confusing. When one informs some other person verbally about the name of a domain, and says the number 9, the person will have confusions about the domain name having the number ‘9’ in it or ‘nine’ in it. For symbols, one might miss it out, or miss place the symbol. That will again create a problem.
  5. Has to be Memorable: The internet is flooding with millions of different domain names. So, having a name that is not only relevant, but also catchy and interesting is very important. The domain name has to appeal to the customer; else, they won’t find much interest in opening and seeing what the domain has to offer.
  6. Check to validate: Since the internet is flooding with a number of  options for domain names, it is pretty much possible to have a similar domain name as the one selected or thought of. One needs to search the internet to see if the domain name selected is unique or not. If the thought out domain name is already legally present and is trademarked or copyrighted, the company will fall under a huge legal problem for using the same name. This could result not only in the loss of a lot of money, but one can also lose their domain.
  7. Use appropriate Extension for the domain name: One must have the required extension like .com, .in, etc. for their domain. The extensions are:

.co: company, community or commerce

.info: sites having information

.net: technical sites

.org: non-profit organizations

.biz: e-commerce sites

.me: personal, resume and blog sites

 Do take care of these factors and we’re sure you’ll pick up a suitable domain name for your business.