How to Change Cpanel theme in Hostgator Cpanel?

The themed Hostgator cPanel is offered only to the shared web hosting clients. And it is not available for VPS, Resellers and dedicated servers. Shared hosting clients can change the cPanel according to their choice. So if you are one of those customers enjoying the web hosting on shared basis and don’t prefer the cPanel style offered by HostGator, you need not worry. You can change it at any point of time and HostGator wouldn’t mind at all for that. It also does not affect the usage of the panel in any ways whatsoever.

The Process of Changing the cPanel Theme

The process of changing the cPanel style is not that difficult so as to say. To change it just follow the given instructions given below –

  1. Log on into the cPanel
  2. Go to the “Preferences” tab and click on “Change Style.
  3. Choose the Radio button positioned just below the style chosen by you
  4. Scroll down and hit the “Change Style” button to finalize the process.

As you will get back to the home page of the cPanel, you will discover the new style which has already taken effect. However, you may find the HostGator logo, which is normally situated at the top of the panel, to be gone and the register domain bar to be misplaced. To rectify this do the following –

Log on Again into cPanel

  1. Click on “Change Style” from “Preferences.”
  2. Select [Root] followed by clicking the Change Style button.
  3. Click on the Home icon located in the top left corner.
  4. Scroll down to reach the “Full Graphics” button and hit it
  5. Get back to the Change Style button
  6. Choose [HG] and then click again on the Change Style button
  7. Finally, click on the Home icon to see the results.

 So,now that you know the procedure, go ahead and try it for your site! Let us know in the comments if you find anything problematic here.

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