Why Hostgator Is Better Than iPage Hosting?

You must have heard about a number of hosting companies like BlueHost, iPage, Hostgator etc. With so many options around, one is bound to get confused for which hosting to go for! Well, for your convenience, we have given the comprisons between these companies. In this particular articles, we have focussed on the comparison between the hosting giants – Hostgator and iPage.

iPage is said to provide as good facilities as Hostgator. We wanted to verify the same. So, here is a comparosn based on different criteria. Read further to know all about it.

Here are some distinguishing characteristics of the Hostgator and iPage –

  1. Performance Report– The Hostgator invests millions of dollars every year to set up a huge network to better the performance of the websites and the million domains they host. It also launched Hostgator .in for emerging markets like India.Both iPage and Hostgator use Intel Xeon Quad Core Processor for maintaining their data records.Hostgator-vs-ipage
  2. Uptime report – The uptime report is 99.99% for Hostgator where as it is comparatively low for iPage hosted websites.
  1. Speed test– Speed is the most important criteria for hosting companies because better the speed, more are the viewers of the website. Hostgator loaded in only 1 second whereas iPage took 1.90 sec to load. This is almost double the speed of iPage.
  1. Response time– With a detailed analysis, it is seen that Hostgator takes a response time of 0.24 seconds where as iPage takes 0.48 seconds.  The websites take less than a second to load which is amazing.
  1. Plans and Prices– It was previously believed that Hostgator was only for business class websites whereas iPage was for small scale ones. However the belief doesn’t exactly right. Hostgator charges an amount of $10.36/month for business plans whereas only $3.49/month for normal sites. iPage comparatively is more expensive in the long run though appears cheap initially. On the top, Hostgator provides a 45 day money back guarantee where as iPage provides a 30 day guarantee.
  1. Customer Support– iPage provides friendly solutions to queries but the time period extends from 10 to 15 minutes on the initial talk. This is considered slow when Hostgator solves problems much faster. It has a live chat and a toll-free number for its US citizens. It even provides a wait time which never exceeds 1 minute and thus it’s pretty fast.
  1. Freebies – The extras that we get on purchase of iPage are-
    Free site lock protection worth $100,
    Free wordpress installation,
    free domain registration for 1 year and
    Marketing suite worth $300.
  2. The extras that we receive on purchase of Hostgator are-$100 Google Adwords,
    Instant Backup,
    Free word press installation,
    Dedicated IP
    Zen cart and Cube Cart and
    Toll free number.
  3. Control Panel- The Hostgator company uses cPanel where as iPage uses its own vDeck control panel. The former is very much user friendly and helpful for beginners where as vDeck is not so popular and has less variety of functions.

Another important feature of Hostgator is it security from viruses and hackers and thus provides the website maximum security.


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