HostGator Vs Bluehost

Why Should You choose Hostgator over Bluehost Hosting?

Few of the leading website hosting companies count Dreamhost, Hostgator, Bluehost, iPage etc. According to Ryan Garth, a writer, Hostgator has far better service results than Blue host or other hosting companies. In this article, we’ll see the comparison done for HostGator and its competitor –  BlueHost. Let’s check it out.

The Distinctive Features of Hostgator over Blue host are:

  • Uptime– 99.9% uptime is provided by the Hostgator. Though BlueHost promise of the same uptime level, with a series of tests performed, it shows an uptime level of below 99.7%.Hostgator vs Bluehost - Uptime
  • Response Time– High speed of websites loading is provided in Hostgator. The speed of websites loading increases by 50% in Hostgator compared to Bluehost. The sites that are loaded through Hostgator take only 1.2 seconds whereas the websites on Blue host hosting takes 5.6 seconds to load. Thus the site downloading gets faster making work more efficient and less time consuming.
    Hostgator vs Bluehost - Response Time
  • User Interface-The file transfering management in both the companies is done by cPanel which is very effective in protecting the computer from hackers and viruses. It is also useful for beginners who do not know the process of installation of WordPress, Joomla, etc. On the top, Hostgator has its own customized cPanel which is very easy for the new customers to handle and thus it satisfies its customers a step ahead.
  • Considerable rate– The Hostgator carries a price tag of $3.49/month which is way cheaper when compared to Bluehost. It consists of three plans, namely, Hatchling, Baby and Business. Single Domain supporter is Hatchling whereas Baby and Business supports multiple plans. Bluehost offers a price of $ 4.95/month with a free domain registration for a year. Besides, Hostgator provides a monthly plan with no commitments whereas Blue host requires a one-year commitment.
    Hostgator vs Bluehost - Rate
  • 24*7 customer services– HostGator provides a live chat support system, ticketing system and a toll-free number for US citizens. It also has a wait time of not more than a minute. Though these hosting companies are supposed to solve problems of customers anytime of the day but most of them don’t live up to the mark. However Bluehost also provides live chat and phone calls to solve customers’ problems but as per what we have experienced, they are pretty slow in their apprach and can take almost a day to provide the initial response from their technical team.
  • Money back guarantee– Hostgator provides a period of 45 days money back guarantee whereas Bluehost provides a 30day period. Thus Hostgator gives customers more chance to evaluate the functions of the hosting company before going for a permanent plan.
  • Performance and Reliability– Hostgator uses Dual Xeon servers to host their sites. This system is very strongly built and has connections to 10 backbones of the industry. Hostgator invests a huge amount of money which sum up to millions to improve their connectivity and hence provide better performance levels.

Bluehost uses CPU segregation which can also protect the CPU from viruses and bad users. However the performance level of Hostgator is very strongly built because it takes care of minute details of maintaining a constant connection with the customers and work accordingly.